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Then He [Jesus Christ] said to His disciples, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.

Matthew 9:37-38

Becoming part of our ministries is a great start to becoming a co-laborer with Christ. Let us join hands in building our faith together and fulfilling the great commission. Get connected and involved today in any of our ministries by messaging us at 952-288-1631.

Ministries Anchor1
Just like Jesus did, at JCCTC we practice prayer and fasting. Prayer is a big part of our walk with Jesus Christ. Here at JCCTC, you will find many avenues of prayer to help keep your fire burning.
  • Morning Glory: Doors are open Monday through Friday at 4:30am to 6am for early morning prayers (Morning Glory) at our worship location.
  • Sunday morning prayers: We gather for prayers every Sunday Morning at 9am to 10am (before the main service).
  • Monthly prayer & fasting: We pray and fast for the first 3 days of every month, that is, every first Monday through Wednesday of every month.

  • January prayer & fasting: We dedicate the beginning of every year to prayer and fasting for 21 days. The specific dates are usually communicated prior to the beginning of the year.

Home Bible Church

Home bible churches (HBC) are JCC’s version of cell groups that are intended to personalize fellowship and strengthen the faith of the members. HBC happens in a home setting where the members meet for 1 and half hours to worship, share the word of God, pray, share testimonies, break bread together.  Currently, we have HBCs in the following regions. we encourage you to join a HBC near you. Please send send us a message through 952-288-1831 and we will help you get connected.


The HBCs meet every Wednesday 7pm to 8:30pm.


Current HBCs and respective leaders

  • Shakopee Region - Emmanuel Getate

  • Apple Valley Region - Betty Ontiri

  • Bloomington Region - Catherine Gachago

  • Burnsville Region - Milley Baraka

Men Ministry

The goal of our Men’s ministry is to equip men to be authentic men of faith. We seek to engage men of all ages and to provide opportunities of Spiritual and economic growth and transformation by connection with Jesus Christ, with one another, with the church, with the community and the world around them. We seek to help men become more connected with one another through ways that nurture/facilitate relationships, mentoring and support.

We achieve the above goals through the following ways:

  • Men’s cell groups

  • Monthly Breakfasts

  • Conferences and seminars

  • Spiritual and economic empowerment workshops


Leader - SosPeter Njuguna

Women Ministry

The goal of our Women’s ministry is to equip women to be authentic women of faith and action. We seek to engage women of all ages by providing opportunities of spiritual and economic growth thus cultivating authentic connection with Jesus Christ, with one another, with the church, with the community and the world around them. 

We achieve the above goals through the following ways:

  • Women cell groups

  • Annual Conferences

  • Quarterly Supernatural Saturday

  • Spiritual and economic      empowerment workshops


Leader - Juliet Appiagyei

Youth Ministry

Our youth’s ministry; BRIDGE, bridges the gap between the high school and college years, while equipping the youth for impact, relevancy and advancement (ministry and career). Bridge ministry focuses on holistically empowering the youths, through the truth of the Word of God, so they can thrive in their high school and post-high school lives. We accomplish the above goals through the following ways:

  • Youths monthly fellowships

  • Youth conferences

  • Prayer meetings

  • Cell groups

  • Overnight prayers


Leaders - Collins Juma & Esther Gichura

Children Ministry

The goal of our Children’s ministry is to teach children the foundational principles of Christian faith, guiding and nurturing their hearts to have an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. We accomplish the above goals through the following ways:

  • Kids structured biblical Curriculum

  • Kids conferences

  • Vocational bible schools

  • Field trips

  • Ministry participation

  • Creative activities


Leaders - Emily Ngetichi & Shem Ontiri

Worship Ministry

Experience authentic and powerful worship from JCC Twin Cities Worship, with one goal – to draw each and every person to the presence of the Lord in worship. 


Leader - Collins Juma


The operation department serves to provide administration and technology support needed for the running of the church through the following departments.

  • Administration

  • Finance

  • IT Services & Web

  • Social Media

  • Photo & Video

  • Audio Visual

  • Facilities


Use your gifting to serve Him that gave you the gift. To learn how you can serve in any of these departments contact our Operations leader.


Leader - Sam Githinji

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