Great Commission Cells (GCC)
GCC is the cell group ministry of JCC that equips believers to become disciples and mobilizes them to make others disciples. GCC seeks to fulfill the Great Commission that Jesus left to His disciples; go into the entire world and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28: 17-20 and Mark 16: 15-17). Jesus intended that this task would be passed from one generation to the next until the gospel of the Kingdom is  preached to all humanity for and then the end will come (Matthew 24:14). JCCTC , as part of body of Christ in this generation, we take this mandate seriously and are committed to preaching the gospel, making disciples of all nations through our cell group ministry.
For more information and how you can get involved and find a GCC near you, contact our GCC director -@
The goal of JCCTC Women’s ministry is to equip women to be authentic women of faith and action. We seek to engage women of all ages and to provide opportunities of growth and transformation through cultivating an authentic connection with Jesus Christ, with one another, with the church, with the community and the world around them.
We achieve the above goals through the following ways:
- Women cell groups
- JCC Women’s conferences
- Women's Breakfasts
- Women's workshops and seminars
For more information contact our women's ministry director - Catherine Muchoki at
The Bridge
JCC Bridge is the youth ministry of JCCTC. Bridge helps the youths in bridging the gap between the high school and college years, while equipping them for impact, relevancy and advancement (ministry and career). It focuses on making today's young Christians disciples through the truth of The Word of God, in order to thrive in their high school and post-high school lives.  Today, teenagers and young adults are being faced with societal and cultural pressures in a way no other previous generation ever could have, with unprecedented access to endless opportunities for spiritual pitfalls of sin & carnality. JCCTC Bridge Ministry is committed to rightly dividing God's Word, empowering young men and women to live a fulfilling and active Christian life as Christ intends.
For more information on how you or your awesome youth/s can become a part of The Bridge contact Anastasia at
JCC Care
JCC Care ministry of JCC –Twin Cities is committed to caring for the physical needs of the congregation and the neighboring communities. This includes hospitality during Sunday Services and other select church gatherings. Additionally, JCC Care also plays part in member visitations.
For more information contact our JCC Care director - Catherine Muchoki at
Our children's ministry partners with parents to support and encourage children on their individual walks to salvation as their spiritual eyes open to the love of Jesus Christ. JCC Children will be exposed to the foundational believes of the Christian faith.
For more information contact our Children's director  at
Experience authentic and powerful worship from JCC Twin Cities Worship, with one goal - to draw each and every person to the presence of the Lord in worship. 
For more information contact our Worship director - Doris Nyaraba at